We are delighted that you are visiting the Konnect with the Volkswagen Group Ltd. Challenge website and want to find out more about our company and services. In this respect, protecting your personal data is our highest priority. This section provides you with comprehensive information on all legally relevant issues: our terms and conditions, the data protection statement and the cookie policy.


All information on the websites of Konnect with the Volkswagen Group Ltd. Challenge has been carefully checked. Konnect with the Volkswagen Group Ltd. strives to see to it that the content of these websites is up-to-date and accurate. However, no warranty or guarantee of completeness, accuracy, up-to-dateness or constant availability is given with respect to these websites. Insofar as advice or recommendations are given on the websites of Konnect with the Volkswagen Group Ltd., Konnect with the Volkswagen Group Ltd. shall – without prejudice to any responsibility arising under the laws of contract, tort or legal provisions of another nature – not be obligated to compensate for any harm or loss suffered by following the advice or recommendation.

Konnect with the Volkswagen Group Ltd. may – at any time, without notice and at its discretion – change the content of its websites or discontinue them entirely. Konnect with the Volkswagen Group Ltd. is under no obligation to keep the contents of these websites current and up-to-date at all times.

Konnect with the Volkswagen Group Ltd. assumes no responsibility for the contents and the availability of third party websites that are accessible through external links. Konnect with the Volkswagen Group Ltd. expressly dissociates itself from any content potentially giving rise to liability, criminal or otherwise, or that is contrary to good morals.

Konnect with the Volkswagen Group Ltd. shall have no liability for the content of third party websites. Regarding all claims for damages or reimbursement for expenses that are based on the contents of its own websites and violations of duties for which it is legally responsible, Konnect with the Volkswagen Group Ltd. shall be liable for its ordinary negligence in breaching essential contractual duties, whereby such liability shall be limited to the damages that are both foreseeable and typical. All other liability is excluded for breaches of duty involving no more than ordinary negligence. The preceding liability disclaimer does not apply to cases involving liability without fault, to liability for injury to life, body, or health, or to liability under the Product Liability Law.

All rights of Konnect with the Volkswagen Group Ltd. and of third parties under intellectual property law, including without limitation the laws of copyright, names, and trademarks, shall be respected when using the websites of Konnect with the Volkswagen Group Ltd.. The protection of such laws extends without limitation to the images, music and trademarks (such as “Konnect with Volkswagen”) used by Konnect with the Volkswagen Group Ltd.. No grant of any license or other right of use shall be inferred from the accessibility of the websites of Konnect with the Volkswagen Group Ltd.. All improper use of the websites of Konnect with the Volkswagen Group Ltd. is prohibited. Users shall in particular

  • not circumvent any safety or security measures,
  • not use any equipment or facilities or run any applications that may damage the equipment or facilities or disrupt their functioning, in particular by modifying the physical or logical structure of the servers or the network of Konnect with the Volkswagen Group Ltd. or by modifying other networks or their server structure,
  • not incorporate the websites of Konnect with the Volkswagen Group Ltd. or any part thereof into other advertising, whether private or commercial, and not use them for any commercial purpose.

Dispute Resolution

Konnect with the Volkswagen Group Ltd. is neither committed nor obliged to participate in dispute resolution before a consumer arbitration board.


We are pleased that you are visiting a website of Konnect, registered in the Israeli Registrar of Companies under the number 515802825 (“Konnect”) with the Volkswagen Group, 144 Derech Menachem Begin, Tel Aviv- Yafo, Israel 6492102 and wish to thank you for your interest in our company and our products. The protection of your privacy is particularly important to us. This document explains how we collect, process and use your data. This is in all cases done in conformity with the provisions of data protection law.

General information, protocol data

You are in general able to visit the websites of Konnect with the Volkswagen Group Ltd. Challenge without telling us who you are.

Collection, processing and use of your personal data

Your personal data include such things as your name, address, telephone number and e-mail address. Personal data are only collected, processed and/or used if you choose to provide us with this information, for instance when entering into, defining the content of or modifying a contractual relationship with us, or when registering for personalized services. Furthermore, no use will be made of your personal data unless you have previously given your consent.

Application activities on our application portal

This document explains what information we collect during the application process and how it is used.

a) Collection and processing of personal data
When you provide us with personal data during the application process, these data are subdivided into the following data types and categories for collection, processing and/or use:

  • Personal data (forename and surname)
  • Company name, size, founding year
  • Description of your company
  • Communication data (telephone number, mobile number, fax number, email address)

You are not legally required to provide us with personal data, but if you choose not to do so, you may not be able to use certain aspects of the website.

b) Use and disclosure of personal data
We use the personal data submitted by you solely to process your application for our start up database (“Innovation Suite”). Only those people who are involved with ITONICS GmbH will have access to your personal data. All employees entrusted with processing your data are obliged to respect the confidentiality of your data. We do not disclose your personal data to third parties, unless you have consented to the disclosure, or we are obliged to disclose data as a result of legal requirements and/or governmental or judicial orders.

c) Outsourced data processing
On the basis of a separate agreement governing the processing of personal data, your personal data will be collected, processed and used by

ITONICS GmbH, Emilienstr. 9, D-90489 Nürnberg,

within the framework of outsourced data processing pursuant to Section 11 of the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) in accordance with the corresponding legal requirements. However, this does not involve any transmission of your personal data to third parties in terms of data protection. We, Konnect with the Volkswagen Group Ltd., remain responsible for your information in terms of data protection.

d) Storage and deletion of data
Your data will be deleted automatically during the six months following completion of the application process. This does not apply if legal requirements prevent deletion, if continued storage is required for the purpose of evidence, or if you have explicitly agreed to longer

f) Security
We take all necessary technical and organizational security precautions to protect your personal data from loss or misuse. Your data are stored in a secure operating environment that is not accessible to the public. In certain cases, your personal data will be encrypted during transmission using Transport Layer Security (TLS). This means that the communication between your computer and our servers takes place via a certified encryption process.

Your rights

You have the right, exercisable at any time, to information regarding the processing and use of your personal data as well as the right to have this data corrected or deleted. These rights are exercisable free of charge by contacting Konnect with the Volkswagen Group Ltd. through the e-mail address or through the contact information in the Imprint.


A cookie is a small data file that is stored on your terminal device and contains data such as your personal site settings and log-in information. This data file is generated and transmitted to you by the web server to which you have connected using your web browser. We in general set no cookies to analyze user interests. Any cookies stored are used only for the proper functioning of the website. You may in general access our websites without cookies.

The most common types of cookies are explained below for your information.

1. Session cookies

While you are using a website, a session cookie containing a session identifier is temporarily stored in your computer’s memory, e.g. so that you do not need to log on again every time you change webpages. Session cookies are deleted when you log off or cease to be valid as soon as your session automatically expires.

2. Permanent cookies (protocol cookies)

A permanent or protocol cookie stores a file on your computer for the duration defined by the file’s expiration date. These cookies enable websites to remember your information and settings the next time you visit them. This speeds up your access and makes it more convenient, for instance because you do not need to adjust your language setting for our portal every time. The cookie is automatically deleted once its expiration date is reached when you visit the website that generated the cookie.

3. Third-party cookies

Third party cookies stem from a provider who is not the operator of the website. They can be used to collect information for purposes of advertising, user-defined content, and web statistics.

General Terms and Conditions of Konnect with the Volkswagen Group Ltd.

1. Applicable Terms and Conditions

The law of the Federal Republic of Germany with exclusion of the unified UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG) shall be applicable to the contracts concluded with reference to the following terms and conditions as well as to their formation, validity, interpretation and execution in addition to all additional legal relationships existing between the parties unless otherwise stipulated on an individual basis.

Should these terms and conditions be applied in a contract concluded with Konnect with the Volkswagen Group Ltd., they shall also be applicable to additional contracts of the same type which shall be concluded in the future with one of the companies mentioned.

No terms and conditions of the contractor shall become part of the contract, even if their applicability is not explicitly contradicted at the time of the conclusion of the contract. This shall not apply if Konnect with the Volkswagen Group Ltd. explicitly consent to the applicability of the terms and conditions of the contractor. The acceptance of deliveries or services and their payment on the part of Konnect with the Volkswagen Group Ltd. shall not indicate consent to the terms and conditions of the contractor.

Conflicting terms and conditions shall not affect the formation of the contract if the parties have reached an agreement concerning all significant points. In this case, the interpretation shall be based on the concurring provisions of both sets of terms and conditions and otherwise on the provisions of the law.

2. Conclusion of Contracts, Minimum Quantity

In principle, contracts with Konnect with the Volkswagen Group Ltd. shall be concluded in writing. If, by way of exception, a contract is entered into verbally, it must be confirmed in writing by both contractual parties without delay.

Minimum purchase requirements for goods or services are only applicable if explicitly agreed in writing.

3. Property Rights of Third Parties

The contractor shall be held liable for ensuring no patent or other property rights of third parties in this country and abroad shall be violated by the delivery or services of the contractor and its utilization by Konnect with the Volkswagen Group Ltd..

4. Defective Deliveries and Services – Liability for Defects

Unless otherwise agreed upon with regard to liability for defects, the contractor shall assume liability for the delivery or services being free from defects in accordance with statutory regulations.

5. Quality and Quality Control

In addition to compliance with the agreed-upon technical data and qualities, the contractor shall ensure that the delivery objects or services correspond to the state of the art and fulfil the effective safety, labelling and authorization regulations, and provide no cause for product liability.
The contractor shall guarantee the technical data, qualities and standards specified in the request without requiring that a specific agreement be made concerning this.

6. Acceptance of Work Orders

The acceptance of a work order has to be carried out formally issuing an acceptance certificate unless otherwise stipulated on an individual basis. This also applies to any partial acceptance.

7. Employees, Minimum Wage Act

The contractor shall ensure that employees deployed by him and any subcontractor are socially insured in accordance with the statutory provisions and that further legal and official provisions as well as provisions by professional associations and collective agreements are complied with. This also includes compliance with the Minimum Wage Act in its current version.

8. Awarding to Third Parties

Transferring the order or parts of the order to third parties by the contractor requires prior written consent from Konnect with the Volkswagen Group Ltd.. Should the delivery and service be performed by third parties, settlement shall be permitted only through the contractor.

9. Prices, Invoicing and Travel Expenses

All prices include value added tax (VAT). The value added tax shall be indicated separately on the invoices. Unless explicitly agreed travel time and expenses will not be compensated.

10. Code of Conduct for Business Partners

Provided that nothing to the contrary is arranged, the valid, most current versions of the contractual conditions at the time of the conclusion of the contract in addition to the requirements of the Volkswagen Group concerning sustainability regarding relationships to business partners (Code of Conduct for Business Partners) shall be a component of the contract. Should they not be enclosed with the offer or the award of contract, they can be found at:

11. Trade Secrets – Advertising

The contractor shall undertake to treat our orders, assignments and all related business and technical details as trade secrets.
In the advertisements of the contractor, the business relationship with Konnect with the Volkswagen Group Ltd. may be referenced only with prior written consent on the part of Konnect with the Volkswagen Group Ltd.. Enquiries shall be addressed to the company headquarters of Konnect with the Volkswagen Group Ltd. that can be found in the commercial registry.

12. Continued Validity in the Event of Partial Invalidity

Should any provision in these conditions be or become entirely or partially invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions hereof.

13. Logo and Trademark

Our logo and trademark as well as part numbers shall be applied to the goods we have ordered when our drawing prescribes this or if we have issued instructions to this effect. The objects labelled in this manner may be delivered only to us. Returned, objectionable goods labelled with our logo and trademark shall be made unusable.

14. Deviating Agreements

Changes to the contract are valid only if they are stipulated in writing. This shall also apply to this stipulation requiring written form.

15. Final Provisions

No claims against Konnect with the Volkswagen Group Ltd. shall be assigned without the prior written consent of Konnect with the Volkswagen Group Ltd.. The contractor may only offset against claims that are undisputed or legally established. The place of jurisdiction shall be Tel Aviv to the extent permissible and without prejudice to Konnect with the Volkswagen Group Ltd.’s right to take legal action at the headquarters of the contractor as well.

Third Party Licenses

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Code of Conduct

As part of Volkswagen Group the Konnect with the Volkswagen Group Ltd. is obligated to the code of conduct of Volkswagen AG. In case you have concrete evidence for serious regulatory violations you can access the contact points of the whistleblower system of the Volkswagen Group.Tel Aviv, May 2018

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